New location in BADJE AUDITORIUMS (Paris)


💡 Emmanuel Rebaudengo

Sound Designer / Sound Editor for 20 years in commercials films, TV programs, animated series and feature films projects.

I work with latest digital audio tools and foleys artists.

👥 My team

Since 2008, in order to be more creative and reactive, William Jame join me to assist on main projects and he is also leading by himself the sound design on numerous projects.

Complete Audio Solutions

Possibility to provide complete audio solutions thanks to numerous collaborations with all the sound post-production fields.
(Composers, Mixers, Voice casting, Auditoriums...)

🎤 Badje Auditoriums

Protools workstations
Dynaudio 5.1 monitoring
Mics Neumann, Sennheiser, Shure...

Sound database with more than 500,000 sounds referenced and regularly updated from studio and exterior recordings sources.